Publisher: Ekiti State University

Morality and Terrorism: A Discourse

Falana Titi Christianah
KEYWORDS: Government, Peace, Social malaise, Society, and Terrorism


Terrorism involved the calculated (intentional) use of unlawful violence to put or produce fear. The paper examined the problem of Terrorism and the role that morality played in curbing this social malaise. It also looked at the factors responsible for terrorism in our society. The work showed that the traditional norm on human security had been disregarded while the people that were involved in the act were the ones that bore the brunt of this act. The work also showed that national security were the only way in which we could attain peace in our society. It therefore recommended that the government, parents, youths and individual should come together to ensure complete eradication of this vice in our society. Recommendations were made for parental education on how to bring up and care for their adolescents to reduce the problem of terrorism. Utilitarianism as a moral theory was used in the concluding part of the work. The wish of the terrorist groups/sects, people who were always in the minority when compared with the rest of the people of a state or country-could not or should not override the interest of the majority. That, if terrorist groups thought very deeply they might realize that causing pains and distress for the rest of the people might constitute a morally repulsive act. Happiness and pleasure could not possibly be promoted where there were wanton destruction of lives and properties.

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