Publisher: University of Port Harcourt

Health Implications of Physico-Chemical Parameters In Drinking Water From Parts of Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria

Ezekwe I.c., Arokoyu S.b., Amadi, M.d.
KEYWORDS: Drinking Water; Heavy Metals; Hydrocarbon Pollution; Ogoniland; Water Quality


Physico-chemical water quality parameters in borehole water, stream and wells were assessed with the use of conventional equipment and standard laboratory procedures. A total of nine drinking water samples were collected from three communities in the area. All the samples were analyzed for nine physicochemical parameters (Temperature, Electrical Conductivity, Alkalinity, Chloride, pH, Sulfate, Total Hardness, Biological Oxygen Demand, and Chemical Oxygen Demand), five heavy metals group (Iron, Lead, Calcium Sodium and Zinc) and Total Hydrocarbon Content. All parameters determined were found in the water sources except Lead and Zinc that were below detectable limits (0.001). BOMW, BODS, BOMS and BERS had high iron content with BODS and BERS having > 2.8 mg/l concentrations while BODS, BOMS and BERS had elevated COD. Also, BERS, BOMS and BODS (all streams) had detectable levels of Total Hydrocarbon content in the samples. Continuous monitoring of drinking water sources in local communities are among recommendations.

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