Publisher: Nigerian Society For Microbiology

The Synergistic Effect of Garcinia Kola On Some Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi

Bolarinwa O.o, Adesokan I.a, Onifade D.a., Fawole A. O., Fawole O
KEYWORDS: The Synergistic Effect of Garcinia Kola on Some Pathogenic Bacteria And Fungi


 Due to increasing rate of antimicrobial drug resistance in recent years, this brought about research on use of natural plant for herbal medicine, by the use of Garcinia kola pericarp and the seed extract. The ethanolic extract shows a significant inhibition of growth against the tested bacteria (Klebsiella pneumonia17.00mm,Escherichia coli13.00mm, Staphylococcus aureus 10.00mm and Pseudomonas aeruginosa 10.00mm). The aqueous extract of both the seed and pericarp has no inhibiting action on all the bacteria and the fungi isolates (0.00mm). The pericarp has the highest zone of inhibition17.00mm against the tested bacteria compared to the seed extract 4.00mm.The proximate analysis revealed that Bere seed (BS) has the highest percentage moisture content (13.05%), Oje pericarp (OP) has the highest protein content (11.37%), crude fibre (14.56%) and ash content (7.11%), Bere seed (BS) has the highest carbohydrate content (73.19%) and Oje seed with the highest crude fat (4.27%). Bere pericarp extract (BPE) contain alkaloids, saponin and phenol in an appreciable amount (+++). Oje pericarp extract (OPE) has the highest qualitative composition present in appreciable amount (+++) which are (alkaloids, tannin, saponin, phenol and glycosides) likewise phlobatannin in BSE sample. The investigation demonstrated that plant has antimicrobial and greater inhibitory effect which makes it useful in folk and African traditional medicine for treatment of various ailments. The proximate composition reveals that Bere seed has the highest percentage of moisture content (13.05%), OP highest protein composition(11.37%), ash composition (7.11%) and crudefibre (14.56%), there was variation in the proximate composition

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