Publisher: University of Port Harcourt

Analysis of The Impact of Port Operations On Nigerian Economy: A Focus On Apapa Seaport

Omoke V., Aturu A. C., Nwaogbe O. R., Ajiboye, A. O., Diugwu I.
KEYWORDS: Port operations, Economy, Gross Registered Tonnage, Cargo Throughput and Vessel Traffic


This study analyzed the impact of port operations on Nigerian economy, with a focus on Apapa port. Data sourced from Nigeria Ports Authority’s operational bulletin were analyzed using multiple regression model. It was found that gross registered tonnage of the vessel is significantly contributing to the Nigerian gross domestic product (GDP) at 0.05 significant level, and that cargo throughput and vessel traffic have positive impact on the economy but are not significantly influencing the Nigerian gross domestic product at 0.05 significant level. Vessel gross registered tonnage should be used as the basis for assessing port dues since it bears positive significance on Nigerian economy. The Nigerian government should also develop the country’s inland infrastructure of rail and water ways to facilitate swift transfer of cargo from the ports to the hinterland and improve port operations by reducing congestion both in the ports and on roads.


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