Publisher: Peaceland College of Education, Enugu

Exegetical Study of Matt 18,20 and Application To African Ujamaa Aspirations: A Re-Enactment of Igbo Communalism

Dominic Obielosi, Augustine Onyiloha
KEYWORDS: Ujamaa, Igbo, Communalism, Exegesis, Culture, Individualism


Individualism is scarcely a welcome concept in African life. Communal spirit is generally the order. No one is alone. The average African is convinced that alone can one achieve little or nothing. The Igbos say, Igwe bu ike (community is power). Kongo people have it that “a man outside his clan is like a grasshopper which has lost its wings”. Sofola (1982) and Onwubiko (1991) list sense of community life as one of the core values in African cultural setting. Jesus assurance to His followers of his presence in their togetherness underscores the power of communalism. This research work takes on Matt 18,20 from exegetical perspective and then seeksto give it a hermeneutical application bearing in mind the African value for communalism. Julius Nyerere’s Ujamaa philosophy is taken as an exemplary thought that truly expresses this unique African value of communalism. Since the Bible holds communalism at a high esteem and since it is an important part of African value, the researcher encourages the Africans especially the Igbo community to hold to this enviable culture even in the craze of ever menacing western culture.

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