Publisher: Peaceland College of Education, Enugu

Fulani Herdsmen Attacks and Cattle Colonies: Covert islamization of Nigeria Or Terrorism?

Nmah, P. E
KEYWORDS: Herdsmen, Islamization, colony, identity, policy


My efforts in this research work have been geared, towards x-raying Fulani pastoralists’ killings in Nigeria and its antecedents. The study revealed the controversies over the conflict between the Fulani herdsmen and farmers coupled with the federal government cattle colony policy in Nigeria. This was partly the cause of ethnic and religious tension in the country. In the course of this research work, I observed that the challenges of the Fulani herdsmen attacks posed a threat to the existence of Nigeria as one indivisible entity. The objective of this research work was to present a way forward against similar regular or frequent occurrence in future. I recommended that there should be synergies by the federal government, state governments, local councils, security agents, and by all and Sunday towards ameliorating the menace of the herdsmen’s killings. Methods of approach are historical and phenomenological methods cum the review of related extant material.

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