Publisher: Peaceland College of Education, Enugu

Veto Power and The Need For Democratization of Un Security Council

Ogechukwu Lorretta Ada, Umeh, Lucy Chinwe, Mbaeze Netchy Christian, Anoliefo Ojiego, Chinemerem Winifred
KEYWORDS: Security, Democratization, Monopolization and Veto.


This paper sets out to analyze Veto power in the global community through democratization of UN Security Council. We observed that the UN Security Council is unique among other organs of United Nations and over 70 years of its existence, the Security Council has helped to manage and mitigate the impact of numerous conflicts across the globe often through the actions of the five permanent members of the Security Council. This paper argues that the efficiency of United Nation Security Council is undermined by the monopolization of Veto power by the five permanent members of the Security Council which will be incorporative in nature, more inclusive in character, participatory in its decision-making processes and more so reflective of the contemporary realities of the global community. We adopted ex-post facto research design, data collection was qualitative and analysis of secondary data was contently done. The study concluded that United Nation Security Council needs to expand its membership in the permanent seat categories with inclusion of both developed and developing countries so as to enhance its representativeness, effectiveness and credibility especially from the global south.

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