Publisher: Peaceland College of Education, Enugu

Homosexuality In The Light of Thomas Aquinas’ Thought and The Nigerian Experience: An Ethical Appraisal

Chiedu A. Onyiloha, Phd, Ogunwola Adekunle Ayodeji
KEYWORDS: Homosexuality, Natural Law, Evil, Ethics, Society, Thomas Aquinas


This paper is a concise scrutiny of homosexuality in the light of the natural law theory of Thomas Aquinas. His theory is also designated as Thomistic Moral Philosophy. The phenomenon of homosexuality is a problem to many people and its social, psychological, medical, religious and cultural consequences are overwhelming. It is against this backdrop that this study takes a critical evaluation of the problem from the ethical thought of Thomas Aquinas by exposing and also analyzing his arguments against the menace of homosexuality. It is one of the objectives of this research to bring to the fore Aquinas’ expounded insights in determining the wrongness of homosexuality. Morally and ethically reasons, Aquinas describes and evaluates homosexuality as unnatural, immoral and unethical phenomenon. Homosexuality, from the ethical thought of Aquinas should be avoided. The present research derives its theme from a Christian ethical perspective. The method of analysis of data employed in this work has a multimethodological approach: phenomenological, descriptive and evaluative. This work contributes to knowledge as it exposes the problem of homosexuality and its negative influence on the young and the old members of our society. 

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