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  • ISSN: 1596-7425
  • Established Year: 2002
  • Published Articles: 153
African Journal of Environmental Pollution and Health

Executive Editor:Prof. Ekom Robert Akpan
Publication Frequency:Bi-annually
Publisher:Ecoserve Publishers
Paper Submission E-mail:ekomrob@yahoo.com

Founded in 2002, the journal is dedicated to publication of peer reviewed literature covering all aspects of the African environment including biodiversity, biogeography, conservation, pollution and environmental health and safety issues. The editorial board includes experts from a wide range of environmental disciplines within the academia.

African Journal of Environmental Pollution and Health publishes original research and review papers on all aspects of environmental pollution and health relevant to the African continent including environmental baseline studies.

Papers submitted should not have been published elsewhere either wholly, or in part. Immediately on publication, the copyright passes to the publisher. Authors are entitled to one copy of their manuscript and one copy of the journal issue containing their manuscript.

PREPARATION OF MANUSCRIPT:  Prepare  manuscripts in clear concise English  typed double spaced  on A4 paper. Use font size 10  for headings and  for text.

The arrangement  of  the  paper should  follow  the  following  format:

1.     Title: Should be  placed on  first page of text flush with left  margin (do not  use separate  title page). Only capitalize the first letter of  the first  word (all  other words should not  be capitalized, except  for  proper names and places).

2.     Author (s): Place authors initials  and last  names  two  returns below  the  title

3.     Author's Addresses: Place author's addresses two returns below the names. Where applicable use Arabic numerals to number author’s names and corresponding addresses.

4.     Abstract: Type “Abstract” in bold  letters (upper and lower case letters)   on  the first line of  the abstract  text. Remember  to double-space  the abstract.

5.     Key words: Three or  four  keywords should  be placed  two returns below the abstract text.

No page breaks  for remainder of  the  text through  the  reference section. Do  not indent any paragraphs  throughout the  text. All  major  headings should be in bold face (only  capitalize  the  first  letter  of  the first word and  proper  names and  places).

The  major  headings should be arranged as follows: Introduction; Data collection and analyses; Results; Discussion; Acknowledgement; References.

References: References cited in text should  follow  the format(s)  as the  case may be: - Jones (1988); (James et al. 1977, 1988, 1989);  (Peters & Sand 1990); (TT  Akpan, unpub. Data).   All   references in text should be on the  reference list also. Unpublished data  should not be included in  the  reference list.

Books: Etim O (1970)  Indicators of  marine  pollution. Century Publishers,  Calabar, 210 pp

Journals: Akpan ER (1993)  Seasonal  cycles  of   phytoplankton and  grazing  activity  in  the Cross River  System of  South  Eastern Nigeria. Trop. Ecol. 32(4): 143-149.

Proceedings: Williams JR, Piper LJ, Foyer LL & Brown WL (1988) The  hydrogeology of  dolomitic  formations  in the southern and western  Transvaal. In: Back W, Herman JS, Paloc H (eds) Hydrogeology of selected  karst  regions, International Contributions to Hydrogeology, Heinz Heise, Hannover, Vol. 13, pp 355-376

Tables: Do not mix tables with text. Place  tables on  new page following  reference  section  with  table  number  and title on top.

Figures: Do not mix figures with text. Place  figures on  new page following  reference  section  with  figure number  and title below the figure.

Send original or computer- generated  graphics. For graphs, send  corresponding  data used  to generate  the graphs. Every effort must be made to computerize graphs and figures. Manually drawn graphs and figures attract extra cost.

Submission of manuscript: Manuscripts should be prepared preferably using MS-Office

One hard copy and one soft copy (on compact disc (cd)) of manuscript including tables and figures should be sent to:

The Editor-in-Chief

African Journal of Environmental Pollution and Health

Attn.: Prof. E. R. Akpan

Institute of Oceanography, University of Calabar

P. M. B. 1115 Calabar

540004 Cross River State, Nigeria

 Note: Manuscripts can also be sent by e-maiil directly to the Editor-in-Chief. (E-mail: ekomrob@yahoo.com)

Minimum charge for publication of accepted manuscript is N10,000.00. Manuscripts above 8 printed pages attract page charge of N500.00 per  extra page

Prof. Ekom Robert
Prof. A. I. Obiekezie
Prof. S. Holzlohner
Prof. S. J. Ekwere
Prof. J. O. Offem
Prof. U. J. Ibok
Prof. F. E. Asuquo
Prof. L. E. Etim
Dr. N. S. Olaniran
Dr. I. U. Ubong