Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Instrumental Approach and Diagnosis of Total Inorganics In A Typical Carbonaceous Matter

G. O. Asuen, F. A. Lucas, O. I. Imasuen
KEYWORDS: Instrumental diagnosis, Total inorganics, Carbornaceous matter


Typical carbonaceous matter are often widespread and reveal relatively wide range of dominant organic types. The instrumental diagnosis to subject them to oxidation, combustion and/or incineration serves till date mandatory fundamental requirement in the further pursuance of their mineralogical and wet chemical analysis. The results of the ash content from three carbonaceous coal and shaly coal samples from Northeastern England and Scottish Fife show that the variation and/or the volatilization of the inherent sensitive elements are related to both the techniques and the sample composition. From the two techniques adopted, the high-and low-temperature methods the ash values observed/obtained for Westfield shaly and Beaumont coal types are dependent an their derived material source-argillaceous and pure coal components. However, of the inorganic components (Ash) values that can be recovered from any carbonaceous matter, Radio-frequency method appears to suggest the accurate and reliable alternative for their subsequent geochemical appraisal

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