Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Trace Element Assessment In Water of River Kassa System, Jos-Plateau Nigeria

A. Momoh, E.g. Ameh
KEYWORDS: Trace element, Index of Geoaccumulation, Contamination, Mine tailings, Aquatic


Detailed geochemical investigation of water from River Kassa was carried out to assess trace element distribution in the river system. The results showed significant enrichment of these elements Pb, As, Co, Cr, V, Ni and Fe. The value of index of geoaccumulation (Igeo) is approximately 2; for Zn and Pb which indicates, moderate contamination. Areas of the river system with anomalous value of trace element concentrations are those where mine tailings have been deposited close to the river channel or places where run off from adjoining farmlands and settlements enter the river. The major sources of contamination are mining and agricultural activities on the flood plain of this river. The anomalous concentration of As, V, Cr, Co and Pb need further investigation in view of their health implications on man and aquatic lives

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