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Genetic and Environmental Factors Affecting Growth Traits of Goats In Semi Arid Area of Nigeria

N. K. Alade, S. T. Mbap, J. Aliyu
KEYWORDS: Genetic, environmental, growth, goats.


Growth performance of 194 kids of Sahel (S), Red Sokoto (RS) and West African Dwarf (WAD) breeds of goats from birth to 9 months of age was studied. Effect of breed was significant (p<0.001) with S (2.07kg – 13.49kg) breed being heavier than RS (1.81kg – 13.77kg) and WAD (1.42KG – 8.63 kg) though they were comparable with RS at 9months. At all ages, WAD was the lightest. Seasonal effect showed that animals born in the wet season were significantly (p<0.001) heavier than those born in the dry season at the early ages, while those born in the dry cold were heavier at the late ages. Litter size and sex also affected body weights. Single birth (1.96kg – 13.64kg) and male (1.88kg – 12.64kg) kids had significantly heavier weights compared with multiple birth (1.66kg – 12.33kg) and female (1.67kg – 11.28kg) kid, respectively. Sahel (56.33g/day) and RS (56.22g/day) had similar preweaning average daily gain but, both gained more significantly (p<0.001) than WAD (35.31g/day). Red Sokoto, however gained more than S at postweaning stage, while WAD still had the lowest (p<0.001) gain. Effect of season on preweaning gain followed the same trend as body weights. Effect of parity, litter size and sex on rate of gain, which significantly (p<0.01) favoured 4th parity, single and male kids respectively at the preweaning stage were not significant at the postweaning stages. The results of this study revealed that growth of

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