Publisher: Nigerian Library Association, Cross River State Chapter

Library Extension Services For Hospitality Industries Via Jct: Potentials For Culture and Tourism Development In Nigeria

Nwachukwu, Victor N., Uzoamaka Igwesi, Helen Nneka Eke
KEYWORDS: Library, extension services, hospitality industries, ICT, cultural tourism


The paper highlights essential library services extension services for hospitality industries which could be provided through Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). The services in this category through the library that are expected to be useful in the hospitality industry include: provision of guides in form of maps, directories, biographies, etc, referral services (providing answers to client's questions), entertainment (recreational facilities like provision of traditional games, toys, etc). All these services are expected to be potentials for cultural and tourism development in Nigeria. The paper concludes that Librarians seriously ought to attract tourists to their sites as it would go a long way in promoting the services of the libraries.

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