Publisher: Nigerian Library Association, Cross River State Chapter

Use of Cd-Rom Databases In The Provision of Libraryand Information Services In Nigerian University Libraries

Nkanu W. O., Ebaye A. S.
KEYWORDS: CD-ROM databases. University libraries, information services, librarians, ICT, information accessibility.


This study investigated the extent of use of· CD-ROM databases in Nigerian University Libraries by library personnel. It also assessed the extent of use of CD­ROM databases in the provision of library and information services in University libraries in Nigeria. Survey design was used, with questionnaire as the main instrument for data collection. Stratified method of sampling was used in selecting 13 Federal university libraries that constitute the sample of the study. A total of 590 respondents (i.e. 246 professional librarians, 169 para-professional librarians and 175 library support staff) completed the questionnaire. Simple percentage was used to analyze the magnitude of response, while chi-square analysis was used in testing the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. The study revealed that library personnel in Nigerian University libraries used CD-ROM databases on monthly basis. Thus, the extent of use of CD-ROM databases by library personnel in Nigerian university libraries depend upon a particular university. It is therefore recommended that CD­ROM databases in various disciplines should be procured and effectively put to use by university libraries to enhance effective service delivery to information seekers in Nigerian university libraries. 

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