Publisher: Pharmacotherapy Group

Psychological Impact of Life As Refugees: A Pilot Study On A Syrian Camp In Jordan

Basheti Ia, Qunaibi Ea, Malas R
KEYWORDS: Syrian refugees, Jordan camps, Alzatary Camp, Psychological disorders, Mental health


Purpose: To investigate types and prevalence of psychological distresses endured by Syrian refugees at Alzatary Camp in Jordan. Methods: This observational study was conducted over a period of 2 months (November and December, 2012) at Alzatary Camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan. A validated questionnaire was filled by a field researcher to gather information on respondents’ living conditions, psychological distresses and perspectives of the medical care services provided.  Results: The questionnaire was completed for 73 respondents with a mean age of 37.7 ± 11.2. A majority of refugees (63.3 %) lived in tents, and the rest in caravans. Some of the respondents (56 %) suffered from psychological distresses; 46 % believed that psychological therapy and support is needed, out of which 14.5 % reported receiving such therapy. Refugees staying in tents reported low satisfaction with the medical care services provided (54.2 % vs. 23.8 %) and great need for psychological support (66.7 % vs. 31.3 %) when compared to refugees staying in caravans. Conclusion:  Syrian refugees at Alzatary Camp suffer from psychological distress that requires urgent attention. Current medical support is not sufficient, especially for refugees staying in tents.

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