Publisher: Biotechnology Society of Nigeria

Investigation of In-Vitro Biological Behavior and Pro-Angiogenic Potential of Baicalein As Hypoxia-Mimicking Agent

Uzoechi, S. C., Okoye, G. C., Ndubuka, G. I., Agbasi, P. U., Ejeta, K. O., Nkem, B. I.
KEYWORDS: Hypoxia, angiogenesis, osteosarcoma, VEGF, HIF-1α, baicalein


In bone tissue engineering, vascularization is important for cell survival and a successful surgical procedure. Vascularization can be enhanced by hypoxia, but it is not possible to create hypoxia in the body. The present study describes functional biological potential of baicalein, a chemical hypoxia-mimicking agent and hypoxia-enhanced in vitro pro-angiogenesis of human osteosarcoma cell line. Relationship between expression of hypoxia-inducing factor-1a (HIF- 1α) and pro-angiogenesis in oteosarcoma cell line without affecting osteogenic potential were studied. The HIF-1α pathway along with VEGF expression were used to test for pro-angiogenic effects, while ALP expression was used to measure any changes in osteoinductive potential. Baicalein (C15H10O5) showed increased HIF-1α stabilization and nuclear translocation, hypoxia responsive element activation and VEGF expression, all of which point to a marked pro- angiogenic effect. ALP expression reduced significantly in response to baicalein when compared to osteogenic medium. These studies demonstrated that baicalein (C15H10O5) has a high potential as a viable hypoxia mimicking agent.

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