Publisher: University of Port Harcourt

According Primacy To Reality As A Strategy For Increasing The Appeal of Nollywood Movies

Edith U. Ohaja
KEYWORDS: According Primacy to Reality, Strategy for Increasing, Appeal of Nollywood Movies


The Nigerian home movie industry dubbed Nollywood (a version of America’s Hollywood and India’s Bollywood) has become a veritable source of entertainment for its patrons. Although entertainment can be defined as an avenue for escape or diversion from the stresses of life, this paper contends against the background of existing literature, that except in its other-worldly varieties such as legends and science fiction, it needs to be credible if it must have a wide appeal. The paper, therefore, suggests ways in which locally made home movies can represent reality more accurately in order to cater for a broader viewership extending to the more critical and sophisticated segment of society that currently ignores and, sometimes, despises them.

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